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How Mooroolbark Early learning benefits your child

Parents in Mooroolbark granting them access to a Mooroolbark early learning program provide them a head start before formal schooling. It is because studies of early education have consistently found that early learning is the best way to develop the cognitive, social, and emotional skills of children.

If you’re still on the fence when it comes to sending your child to a Mooroolbark early learning centre, the following benefits might convince you.


A brighter future

Research in early education consistently shows that lifetime benefits are gained by children attending early learning. The studies have shown that children with access to early education are likely to graduate from university and remain continuously employed.

The same studies discovered that developmental vulnerability is seen with children that never attended early learning than those who did.


Learn and develop emotional resilience

The social skills learned and developed by children in preschool help them to form good relations with their peers and teachers. Listening to others, getting along with peers and adults, taking turns, and sharing are the important values taught in early education.

Acquiring these skills early in life helps children to become independent while developing lasting friendships in school and beyond. Emotional resilience is learned as well when children are taught coping skills and attentiveness. It has been seen by numerous studies that families sending their children to preschool gain emotional and social benefits with other families as well.


Better behaviour

Consistency is the key to making every child feel secure and safe. Encouraging children to stick to daily routines like taking a bath, eating their breakfast, and brushing their teeth before going to school helps them to feel settled and calm.

Establishing a good and healthy daily routine is helped by a quality early learning centre. The structured environment of the preschool helps to nurture a safe environment for children to learn lifetime skills academically, socially, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Children attending early learning education acquire the habit of taking care of themselves from packing their bags and choosing the clothes to wear. Life is easier for parents when they have a cooperative child; schooling also prepares them for kindergarten.

Instill a lifetime love of learning

A lifelong love of learning is fostered in each child attending early childhood education. The programs offered by quality early education centres focus on teaching children various skills, including a lifetime love of learning. A positive attitude towards learning is encouraged in early education as they provide each child with positive cognitive and social experiences.

The academic success of children for primary schooling is helped when they have access to early learning.


Learn reading and math skills

The foremost foundation of child education is teaching children reading and math skills. However, there’s more to just teaching young children counting, reading, and writing. Drawing shapes on paper, listening to stories, storytelling, and describing pictures are seen as the best way for children to acquire literacy skills.

Playing music, putting things into containers of various sizes, and singing are also ways for children to learn numbers.  Academic success in later life is assured when children acquire reading and math skills at an early age.


Investing in preschool education for children is worth their weight in gold. It is the best gift parents can give to their children. King Kids have a Mooroolbark early learning centre. Visit the facility to find out if it is the right place for your child.